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Hidden Series: Book 1

Hidden Memory

Can one small group survive monstrous enemies in a treacherous land?

Waking broken and bloody, a woman finds herself lost, terrified, and alone. Stripped of everything – no possessions, no memory – she relies on instinct to survive.

Larron of the Derou elves travels with a small messenger party to deliver an urgent message to his kin in the east. Along the way, they rescue a woman under attack by a pack of vicious insectoid creatures, only to discover she is more than she first seems.

Cautiously joining forces, they must face hazardous terrain, dangerous predators, and brutal enemies to reach their allies. Will their combined skill be enough?

Release date: December 14, 2021

Hidden Memory is the debut novel from Tiffany Shearn and kicks off the exciting Hidden Series. This is the first book in a four-part epic fantasy saga set in the realm of Elaria, where elves and fairy battle for their very existence against forces seeking to destroy them all. If you enjoy traditional epic fantasy with a great cast of characters, this series is for you!

Hidden Series: Book 2

Hidden Sanctuary

Larron’s hope fades as he discovers it is not only his people facing the brink of destruction. As the council tries to save what they can, a young mage approaches Annalla with a tempting, if crazy, proposition. He knows a story, an old family tale, and it might hold the answer to finding the fairy.

Join Larron and Annalla as they work with new allies to continue their desperate quest in Hidden Sanctuary!

Release date: July 9, 2022

Continue the journey with Annalla and Larron!

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