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Hidden Series of Elaria – will be 4 books

Book 1: Larron of the Derou elves travels with a small messenger party to deliver an urgent message to his kin in the east. Along the way, they rescue a woman under attack by a pack of vicious insectoid creatures, only to discover she is more than she first seems.

Book 2: When Annalla reveals her wings to the allied council, visions of a fairy army sweeping across the skies alight in their eyes, but those dreams are dashed at her lack of memory. She has no knowledge of her people or where to find them, but a young mage might. A story, thought to be a fictional tale, may hold the key.

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Up next:

  • Hidden Promise

Book 3 in the Hidden Series

Release date in June 2023

  • Hidden Strength – Book 4 expected in 2024


Future Projects

  • YA Series set in Aryanna – potentially 2025 kickoff
  • Darker steampunk-like fantasy series set in Scorcellen
  • Fae-like realm series