Introvert Power

When we were all going into the office every day, I preferred people set up meetings with me ahead of time rather than just stopping by my desk. That is because I had to psych myself up for every interaction. It is not that I dislike people. They simply drain my energy levels. The bigger the group, the more the drain. Even dinner out with my husband requires some level of energy from me.

Working from home for a year has helped me mellow a lot, as I can spend my energy in a more focused manner each day. I feel more productive, happier, and less stressed overall. The one concern I had over the forced isolation is whether I could push myself to interact socially again.

I isolated myself in my younger years, safe in my little bubble, not going out with anyone unless I had at least a week’s notice. That usually meant staying home all the time. A friend eventually broke me out of that habit, and I realized how much I needed that form of interaction in my life, even if it was a little uncomfortable or draining. It was worth it.

Now I need to remember that value and push myself out of my cocoon of comfort again. I need to watch how often I decline invitations or talk my husband out of inviting others over. Fortunately, he is extroverted, so the latter is much less likely at this point in my life. I am already easing into society again with soccer games and Dungeons & Dragons. Slow and steady, we will all get back out there safely.

As for writing, I believe I have overcome my editor’s block for the moment. After the long weekend, this edit is back on track for my target schedule. I hope I can find another beta reader or two for this version to see how well I fix some of the (thankfully few) early issues brought to my attention. Now I need to poke at my alpha readers on book two, so it is ready for me when I get to that point.

Tonight, dinner with friends. Tomorrow, more editing. Progress on all fronts!


  1. Oh yeah, I totally get the feeling of having to psych myself up for every social event, especially at the office. It’s great that you’re past your editor’s block though. Wishing you all the best!


    1. Thanks! It is good to be moving forward again.


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