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World Book and Copyright Day

Today (April 23, 2022) is yet another day to celebrate books and storytelling. 

“Books have long embodied the human capacity to conjure up worlds, both real and imagined, giving voice to the diversity of human experience. They help us share ideas, obtain information, and inspire admiration for different cultures, enabling far-reaching forms of dialogue between people across space and time.”

– (

This is an amazing time to be a writer. While there remain limitations in the industry, today, almost anyone can write and be heard. You can blog about your passion for food. You can write, publish short stories or books, and pick from multiple methods for reimbursement. Newsletters, memes, skits, jokes…the world is listening and closer than ever before. 


Literary works are “protected” as soon as they exist, but such protection does not guarantee smooth sailing. There may be unscrupulous people stealing your work and claiming you are the thief. Distributors, such as, require proof against such claims. While tedious and frustrating, this helps protect everyone involved. 

To help arm myself, in case I ever face such dastardly knaves, I submitted my work to the copyright office for registration. I now have proof of registration to provide to distributors or others should it become necessary. There is a cost involved in registering, but it is minimal compared to the complications one could face in a dispute without it. Based on all I have heard through various writer groups, I recommend official registration for all writers. 

Other News

I have decided to move my books over to Kindle Unlimited this year! As I am already limiting my distribution through only, the shift has only a few additional drawbacks. Being in KU will allow me more flexibility with pricing and the ability to reach a wider Amazon audience. 

My plan is to shift Hidden Memory over about a month after Hidden Sanctuary releases, then give Hidden Sanctuary a few additional months before moving it to KU. This plan allows me to distribute my digital ARCs without violating any agreements. It also gives those purchasing the book directly a slight advantage for their support.

In another nod to my preorder supporters, I will be starting Hidden Promise, book 3 in the series, at a lower price during the preorder period and raising it to my standard eBook price after release. Thanks for all your support as I kick off my writing career!

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