On TikTok

I created a TikTok account a while back, specifically to explore the possibilities and workings of BookTok. My initial assessment was: this looks like a lot of additional work. Me with a camera? Already intimidating. Trying to create new and interesting videos on a frequent schedule? That might be beyond me. 

So, I trolled through videos for a few months, gained insight into what kinds of videos are on BookTok, and read Tiktok success posts. All of this limited and passive research has finally culminated in one massive video event!

What began as two rudimentary—but highly adorable—cat videos is now a vast collection of three TikTok videos. This third one is a masterful fifteen seconds of page-flipping, text-overlay action. Feel the thrill! Listen to the sound! 

In all seriousness, though, BookTok is big and can aid an author’s success. From what I can tell, this is especially true for spicy books (of which mine is not). I will probably continue to dabble and scroll and throw my algorithm way off, but I might have to consider this one my learning account. Tune in to see my and periodic attempts at Tiktok videography. 

MySpace and then Facebook were the social media tools when I was at the influencer age. I never even picked up those very well, so I am not holding my breath for this one either, but we’ll see. In the meantime, maybe a famous BookToker will read and love my writing and help me out.

Authors have dreams too! Have fun all!

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