Baseball Season

This Saturday was my first baseball game for my nephew. He is at the age where they are doing coach-pitch and only have three innings. I like that they are focusing more on exposure at this point. Each team member gets a turn at bat and then they rotate to the other team. The coach also did a good job of switching up the field positions they each played.

Reaching first on his first at bat of the game.

I’m fairly certain every kid in the game reached first at least two of their three at bats. One of them got ahold of a pitch and sent it to the outfield. That is effectively a home run at this age… Unfortunately he then forgot to touch home plate. Whoops!

Playing second base. Not paying attention to the batter.

My sister naturally thinks her son is the best player on the team. I think all have a great deal of enthusiasm. They can all throw. Not far or accurately, but they can throw. Catching? Well, the ball eventually finds its way into someone’s hands. Overall, a great effort. I know most of them were paying attention to more of the game than I did playing softball as a kid. I can’t wait until my niece’s soccer team also starts up again in the fall so they both have their sports again.

Go bats!

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