Happy Mother’s Day!

This is the first time in 17 months that these 3 (four with my niece) generations of women have been able to gather for anything beyond grocery drop offs. We have been diligent about keeping our bubble small, and my grandmother could not go out for visits until after vaccination.

I am grateful that everyone in this picture is still around today for us to be able to celebrate Mother’s Day together. I promised everyone burgers and dogs, rain or shine, and the weather cooperated with me enough that I was not grilling in the rain. The sun was out enough that we even spent some time in the backyard.

We had some helpers interested in pond vacuuming give us a hand.

We kept it small. Just family chatting about nothing and everything as we do. Unfortunately, the ducks that had been enjoying our little pond for a few days departed Thursday. My niece and nephew were not able to sneak a peak at them as a result. I’m including a picture at the end of this post to prove that they did, in fact, exist. We are still doing spring cleaning on the pond, but even that part is interesting enough to children for them to provide a bit of help.

We were also able to watch the Seattle Sounders get a win while everyone was over. All around, a good day for this family. As this weekend was packed with cleaning the house for the first visitors in over a year and hanging out with family, I will keep this post short and sweet and end here.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my friends and family I could not see today and to all of you reading this. I hope you each had the chance to celebrate in a meaningful way.

Temporary visitors to our pond this spring.

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