In Memoriam

My little nephew Ange was a pandemic baby born last summer to my brother and his wife. His path was fraught with more challenges than many of us face in our lifetimes, and he fought every step of the way.

Ange’s parents received troubling news during the pregnancy, and they were worried they might lose him before he had a chance at life. He pushed through and entered our lives. There were additional complications, but we shared some video calls with him. His parents gave him a blanket with his name blazoned upon it next to cute animals, and they gave my parents Christmas presents with his image. My brother and his wife were able to hold his hands, to hold him.

The doctors fought and explored options. Ange fought along with them, but his time came. It was too soon, but early this year he left us with a staggering hole in our hearts. Due to the pandemic, we could not all say goodbye to him in person. We are saying farewell and celebrating his life this summer. It would have been his first birthday.

He leaves behind his parents and brother as well as numerous extended family. Goodbye, little fighter, and may you find peace.

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