Florida Family

We traveled to Florida last week to visit my brother and his family. He is the one with his back to the camera in the main photo here. It was great to see him again. With the distance involved and a pandemic causing problems, I think it had been at least two years since we were last together.

We flew into Orlando on the same flight as my sister and her two kids. As the flight landed, she found out that my nephew gets airsick (Ha! Gross!). It was not a surprise to anyone except her. We then had to deal with his sensitive stomach for the rest of the day. The comedy reached its peak when we arrived that afternoon at my brother’s home, and Nephew 1 vomited all over one of their rugs. Oops!

After a late lunch, he settled down, and we managed to have ice cream with Nephew 2 after he was picked up from daycare. He is only three and half-remembers us. When we stopped by the house again after ice cream while my brother was out back, Nephew 2 started running away from the “strangers” in his home and yelling for Papa. By the end of the week, he was still unsure of the adults, but his older cousins were fair game for the time-honored toddler fun of Run-Around-In-Circles.

During the week we were there, we spent a day in St. Augustine. Marineland was…small. I would not recommend it unless you are going to get the package to swim with dolphins. We also did a ghost tour that evening, and I’m pretty sure I caught a picture of a ghost. I will put the closeup crop at the end if you want a targeted look.

Can you spot the ghostly apparition? It is like floating lights among the gravestones.

Finally, you may have noticed the firetruck in the main image above. My sister-in-law is a fire captain. We were able to stop by her station to check it out. The truck was between calls, so we could get a close-up view. Some even took the opportunity to get into the truck and honk the horn! Despite the humidity, it was great to see everyone. Thanks for taking the time to host us, Brother and Family!

Here is your ghostly close-up!

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