The Cats are Alright


My research into Bookbub has led me to this: it is the largest book-related newsletter audience you can find as an author. Becoming one of their hand-picked books recommended to their readers is extremely difficult, costs you a chunk of money, but is usually worth the effort and money simply due to the reach it provides. 

I was not selected for their “New Release” picks coming up. I will probably submit for their “Featured Deals” promo, but not until I have another book or two. Based on feedback from other authors, it might be worth it, but the best use of your advertising money, if you get a featured deal spot, is if you can leverage it across more than one book. I’m scheduling Hidden Sanctuary for release in August 2022, so I will probably look at offering a deal on Hidden Memory around that time. 

No website updates yet. I’m waiting on those until a) work slows down and b) the preorder for Hidden Sanctuary is also live. 

Annual Vet Visit

This week I squeezed in a vet visit for both cats at the same time. It was a little late for Big Cat and a little early for Little Cat, but close enough for everyone involved. 

I’m happy to report that Big Cat put back on two-tenths of a pound! This is exciting news after he had lost so much weight in recent years because of his stomach issues. It looks like his kidney problem has degraded a little more, but no meds for him yet. We are hoping to keep him eating right and regularly for now. He remains a super picky eater, but maybe I can sneak in some kidney-care-related food somewhere. 

As for Little Cat, the message was basically “make sure she does not gain more weight.” She is good where she is, and the vet wants her to stay there. Now I have to keep her from eating Big Cat’s food and away from the plastic. She loves gnawing on plastic like a little bunny. I’m sure it is going to give her indigestion someday, or worse. 

With the weather turning, they are both becoming lap-cats again. That is perfectly fine with me, as I welcome the heat on my legs as much as they enjoy the warmth of a lap. It is a bit more problematic when they try to sit on my husband’s lap while he is playing computer games. Everything works fine until one of them wants to move, and then everyone is just in the way. I find it all adorably hilarious. 

Photo by stein egil liland on

Stay dry out there if you are on the west coast of the USA with me. It looks like we are in for more wind and rain! 

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